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About the "webhookUrl"

- The webhookUrl is provided by merchants, and PMS will keep sending a HTTP

POST request to the “webhookUrl”, to notify merchants.

- Notifications will be sent each 5 minutes. Stop after 5 notify sent or a valid

response from merchants.

- for example:


	"storeCode": "TT001",
	"tillId": "01",
	"type": "VMPAY",
	"rrn": "002105250533384472389602",
	"amount": 10,
	"gwRefCode": "2eca6f1c-d2fc-4dc7-8b60-464a29f632c0",
	"txDatetime": "2021-05-25T17:33:38+0800",
	"salesman": "9999",
	"orgRrn": ""
response (if there is):
	"errorCode": "0"


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